The Fun/Color Run is Coming!!!

That’s right parents! Our 8th annual NRCA Knights Fun/Color Run is coming up in April! Since we began partnering with Boosterthon, we’ve been able to profit over $385,000 for Tuition Assistance, Recess Equipment, the Booster Club, and more!This year we will continue to raise funds to improve your child’s kingdom education experience.

The Boosterthon Team will also be bringing a brand new character education theme to our campus called “Mind Spark Mystery Lab.” It’s a science-infused mystery theme all about solving problems that combines S.T.E.A.M skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) with character building.Your students will help a team of brainy kids solve problems using a super-lab hidden inside a school.

From Your Boosterthon Team!

NRCA will engage in our annual Boosterthon Fundraiser April 8-18, 2019. We are excited to welcome our Boosterthon Team who bring such great character lessons, enthusiasm, and encouragement to this fun event.

This year’s Mind Spark Mystery Lab is a S.T.E.A.M. integrated, science-infused, mystery theme all about learning to solve problems using specific character traits.  The character traits are Citizenship, Teamwork, Integrity, Zest, and Growth Mindset.

We will begin April 8, 2019 with pep rallies (12:00-Grades 6th-8th, 12:50-Kindergarten-5th, and 1:45-Grades 9-12).  The two-week program will conclude on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 with the Middle School/High School Color Run and Thursday, April 18, 2019 with the Kindergarten-Third Grade Fun Run and the Fourth-Fifth Grade Laser Run.  Families will then gather pledges with our big goal of raising $65,000.

Our 2018 Boosterthon event raised $63,446.00.  There is still about $3000 outstanding, so we will hit $65,000.  This is about $58.00 raised per student.  Donations came from 41 states and 2 foreign countries.  Our students ran over 17,213 laps.  Many thanks to our parents and extended families for their donations to this incredible event that helped raise funds for our Weight Training Facility, Tuition Assistance, The Charter Bus Fund, The Founder’s Day Celebration, Elementary Recess Equipment and The Booster Club.