Annual Fund

Annual Fund

As we begin our 22nd year of ministry, our school theme is “Telling the Story” and what an incredible God-Story Journey it has been for NRCA.  As believers, we are writing a story everyday by the words we say and the things we do. As believers, we are image-bearers of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  As believers, we must share the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Kingdom education at NRCA is a life-long, Bible-based, Christ-centered process of bringing children to Christ, building them up in Christ, and equipping them to serve Christ so they can reach the next generation.

We are officially kicking off the 22nd Legacy Annual Fund Drive.  Here is an opportunity to give the gift of Kingdom education, a gift that impacts eternity.  The generous support of our school family, grandparents, and friends allows us to fund many wonderful resources beyond the general budget.   Most recently, we had the official ribbon cutting of the new Fitness Center, which will be built debt-free due to the NRCA family’s generosity.  Other resources made possible by the Annual Fund are a Fine Arts Center grand piano, greenhouse, charter bus, tuition assistance, SmartBoards for the elementary, iPads K-12, school buses, canopies for the elementary playgrounds and outdoor sports venues, and other building programs to name a few.

As for this year’s giving, a final portion will help complete the new Fitness Center (Weight Training Facility) debt-free and refurbish the current Weight Training Facility. To God be the Glory! We will continue to support the tuition assistance program, Booster Club, bus funds, technology, and the Founder’s Day Celebration. We are planning events for Founder’s Day that will include our middle school and high school students and parents next year. We are still in discussions with the city about the 20-acre Stell property next door that could provide a lacrosse field, parking, and elementary playground/picnic area. More news to come regarding fund designations as plans develop!

Give the gift of
Kingdom Education