Continuous Enrollment

North Raleigh Christian Academy (NRCA) is blessed with an annual re-enrollment rate of over 95% of our families! With such a high retention rate, NRCA is introducing the continuous enrollment process to make it easier for parents and students to maintain their registration at NRCA year after year until graduation.


At North Raleigh Christian Academy, we recognize the value of a sustained, long-term partnership with families in their children’s education. A seamless transition from elementary through high school provides a consistent, thorough progression through academic coursework. In light of this philosophy, NRCA is pleased to offer a concept in enrollment management called Continuous Enrollment. From the time of initial admission through high school graduation, your student will be considered enrolled at NRCA unless a parent or guardian notifies the school otherwise.


This contract begins this academic year and will automatically renew each successive academic year until your student has graduated from NRCA. This contract will be in force unless and until it is terminated by NRCA at any time, the student graduates, or the parent completes the withdrawal procedures outlined below.

As a family maintains their continuous enrollment, each student’s information (i.e., address, phone, email, emergency contacts, and medical information) continues from grade to grade in PowerSchool. NRCA will help to maintain the database by reminding parents to update their demographic information regularly.

Each November, NRCA will publish the following school year’s tuition rates, fees, and other relevant enrollment information.


The Enrollment Fee (formally known as the Registration Fee) for the following academic year will be incorporated into our normal payment plans.

Once a tuition payment plan is set up, the agreement will be renewed with the same payment plan each year unless the family provides written notice to the Business Office to change the payment plan option.


  • We agree that the term of our student’s Continuous Enrollment and Statement of Cooperation, continues automatically through the completion of Grade 12 or, if necessary, until the Online Notice of Withdrawal is completed.
  • We understand that the Enrollment Fee will be collected as follows:
    • Monthly Payment Plan – The first monthly installment of the upcoming school year will be drafted on January 20th by FACTS Tuition Management.
    • Full Payment Plan – The Enrollment Fee for the upcoming school year will be due to NRCA by January 20th. (Payment can be made by check or online using a credit card.)
  • We agree to keep our student’s demographic information updated with NRCA.
  • We agree to maintain a current tuition payment plan with the terms specified above and that we must communicate to the Business Office in writing any changes to those terms.
  • We agree to abide by the Continuous Enrollment Agreement, Statement of Cooperation, and Financial Policies, and we acknowledge that we will review each document annually for any policy changes
  • We agree to fulfill all financial obligations promptly.
  • We agree to the terms of this Continuous Enrollment Agreement and the Statement of Cooperation with North Raleigh Christian Academy.

NRCA understands that circumstances can change from year to year. If you do not plan to return to NRCA for the upcoming school year, please notify us by completing NRCA’s Online Notice of Withdrawal by JANUARY 10th to avoid being charged the nonrefundable Enrollment Fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, more than 95% of our families return to North Raleigh Christian Academy (NRCA) to continue their child’s education. In recognition of the long-term commitment of our school families, NRCA utilizes continuous enrollment to provide a convenient way for families to remain enrolled in NRCA year after year with minimal paperwork.

In November of each year, NRCA will communicate to families a reminder of this automated process. In January, current students eligible to return will be re-enrolled automatically for the next school year. The Enrollment Fee (formerly known as the Registration Fee) will be due for full-payment families, and the first installment will be drafted for monthly payment families.

What is Continuous Enrollment?

Continuous Enrollment simply means that once enrolled, students remain enrolled until parents notify the school otherwise, as long as students meet academic and conduct standards. If you do absolutely nothing, your student will be automatically re-enrolled for the next school year.

Why Does NRCA use Continuous Enrollment?

When students enroll in NRCA, we believe they are committed to continuing their K-12 education here. Since over 95% of our families remain at NRCA year after year, NRCA moved away from a yearly re-enrollment process to Continuous Enrollment. Continuous Enrollment flips the script on the typical re-enrollment, where non-returning families “opt-out.” In other words, if students continue their education at NRCA each year, families will never have to worry about re-enrollment after signing the Continuous Enrollment Agreement.

What happens once I am enrolled?

Once all our families are on the Continuous Enrollment program, the typical re-enrollment season (November – January) will simply be a communication reminder from the Admissions Office, informing our families of the new tuition and fees for the coming year. Our Admissions team will also remind our current families to notify NRCA by January 10th if they do not intend to return for the coming school year.

When is Continuous Enrollment agreed upon?

All currently enrolled families have signed the NRCA Continuous Enrollment Agreement as of October 2022. Any newly enrolled students’ families will agree to the contract during their enrollment process.

What if I change my mind?

NRCA families that are re-enrolled but break the agreement by withdrawing their students after the specified deadline (January 10th) will be obligated to pay the Enrollment Fee. NRCA makes plans based on returning-student enrollment as well as our newly enrolled students. We make hiring and curriculum-purchasing decisions based on the expected number of students, so breaking the enrollment agreement causes undue expense to the school.

What about unique circumstances? I am planning to keep my kids at NRCA until college. What if God has other plans for our family?

We have built flexibility into our agreement. If you feel God is leading your family in another direction, you can complete our Online Notice of Withdrawal, and the Continuous Enrollment Agreement will end. Any family unsure about a student’s enrollment for the upcoming school year should contact the Admissions Department. We recommend that you complete the Online Notice of Withdrawal to cancel your Continuous Enrollment contract officially so that you are not financially responsible for the cost of enrollment. If you choose to re-enroll your student before the start of the next school year, please contact the Admissions team. If space is available at that time, they will instruct you on how to re-enroll, pay any late Enrollment Fees, and catch up on tuition payments that may be due.

What do I get out of this?

Simplicity and guaranteed placement. With increasing enrollment, we are at or near capacity or running waitlists in many grades. Placement in next year’s class is an increasingly sought-after guarantee. By opting into Continuous Enrollment, you will be locking down that coveted seat for your child until graduation.

What is the cost of Continuous Enrollment?

Continuous Enrollment does not add any additional cost to our families. The Enrollment Fee (which is replacing the Registration Fee) is technically our “seat-holder / placement fee.” NRCA collects the payment to assist in preparing our staffing and budgeting needs for the coming school year. The Enrollment Fee is due January 20th for our full-payment families and is included in the first installment for our monthly payment families. The first month’s installment will be drafted by FACTS Tuition Management on January 20th for all monthly payment families.

How do I know if my student is eligible to return?

All students in good academic, behavioral, and financial standing are eligible to return to NRCA for the following school year. Parents with questions about their financial eligibility can contact the Business Office to discuss this matter.

What if I do not pay the Enrollment Fee?

Your student’s space for the upcoming academic year is not secured until the Enrollment Fee is received. The Business Office will contact families that have not paid the Enrollment Fee by the deadline. At that time, the school has the right, per the Continuous Enrollment Agreement, to cancel the student’s enrollment and offer the student’s space to a new student.

What if I withdraw my student after the withdrawal window?

Your family will be responsible for the Enrollment Fee for the upcoming academic year, and NRCA’s normal withdrawal policy will apply.

Online Notice of Withdrawal