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Be a Good Neighbor

STUDENTS: TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES: The rear entrance is only for student drivers and parents should use the carpool entrance in the morning and afternoon pickups. Drive the speed limit through the neighborhood. Stop at the stop sign on the corner of Thebes and Neuse Creek. Do not squeal tires […]

NCMEA Middle School Honors Chorus

Congratulations to eighth-grader Ivan Tew who auditioned and was selected to participate in the 2017 North Carolina Music Educators Association Middle School Honors Chorus. This is the highest level of choral achievement for a middle school singer. Only 144 singers were selected for this year’s group, with many hundreds more auditioning from around the state. This is […]

NCMEA Elementary Honors Chorus

Congratulations to fifth-graders Dallas Bell, Hannah Miller and Kelsey Pizzino, who auditioned and were selected as members of the 2017 North Carolina Music Educators Association Elementary Honors Chorus. Approximately 220 students were chosen for this state-level honors chorus, with many hundreds more auditioning. This is the first year that NRCA has had three delegates selected to participate. Bell, Miller and […]