NRCA desires for our students to have a heart for the nations and a desire to share the truth of the Gospel with our local community and throughout the world. Jesus calls His followers to, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15). Seeking to develop this heart for missions, NRCA requires each student to complete at least one mission trip prior to graduation. Students may complete this requirement by going on a mission trip with their local church, para-church organization, family, or NRCA. Students are also able to earn honors credit for their Senior Bible course by completing one trip within each level of our missions program and submitting a 8-10 page paper on their experience and the way their trips shaped their worldview on missions. Upon completion of any Mission Trip, a student is required to complete a Mission Trip Form, signed by the leader of their trip, and submitted to the Student Life Office. Resources for Mission Trip opportunities and the Mission Trip Form can be found under the Campus Life link on the school website.

Mission trip qualifications

  • A mission trip consists of three consecutive days at 8 hours of work each day
  • A mission trip must be outside of the student’s local community
  • A mission trip must partner with a gospel centered ministry.

We have set up our program to consist of three levels of mission trips:

Missions 101 This is a mission trip within the continental United States of at least 3 days in length. NRCA works with Joshua Expeditions to offer at least one trip to various domestic locations each year that would qualify for this level of mission trip. The cost of these trips is under $500. Missions 101 trips that NRCA has taken has included trips to Florida, Kentucky, and the coast of North Carolina.

Missions 201 The second level of NRCA missions is a cross-cultural trip outside of the continental United States. The NRCA-sponsored trip provides opportunities to work in orphanages, perform church services, and conduct street evangelism. The cost for this trip is approximately $1,500. Missions 201 trips that NRCA has taken has included trips to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

Missions 301 The last tier of the missions program is the most intense mission trip NRCA offers. This trip will require much work and dedication. This program will be for those who show a heart for missions and ministry. This trip lasts approximately 10-12 days and will cost in the range of $3,000 – $3,500. Missions 301 trips that NRCA has taken has included trips to China, Africa, and Russia.

Missions Trip Opportunities

Mission Trip Form