2019 Spiritual Emphasis Week

2019 Spiritual Emphasis Week

Worship: Illumination Project
Music has the ability to cut to the core of who we are. This makes the ability to create not only a gift but a powerful tool. A tool that can make a lasting impact on the lives of those around us. Illumination Project understands this and views it as a high calling. Lead by TJ Cople, Illumination Project strives to create to bring glory to the Creator. Meaning that every aspect of their music is meant to point to the giver of life. This may take place as they reimagine hymns or other corporate worship songs or craft all new songs that draw us in both lyrically and musically. No matter what space you hear them, the hope and goal ring through all of the music — to make much of Christ and what He has done.
Website: https://illuminationproject.org

Speaker: Zach Dickson
Zach, a South Carolina native, has a long history with Clayton King Ministries. He graduated from Clemson University and was a part of the very first Crossroads Discipleship Home (CDH) in 2005. Following his time in CDH, Zach moved to Gainesville, FL to help with a church plant. He became the Associate Pastor where he learned the meaning of ministering to youth, families, and college students. After a few years of living and working in Gainesville, Zach returned to work with Clayton King Ministries. He served as the Discipleship Director for four years and currently serves as an Itinerant Speaker. Years of experience in pastoring, teaching, and community development have fostered a love for people. This love has fueled a strong passion to help and understand people, resulting in his Counseling Degree from Liberty University. Zach and his wife, Ashley, welcomed their daughter, Everly, in December 2015. They live in Anderson, SC with their two cats, Sox and Oliver, and their energetic dog, Dabo.
Website: https://www.claytonking.com/zachdickson

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