Information Meetings & Tours

Prospective Parent Information Meetings & Tours

North Raleigh Christian Academy’s Prospective Parent Information Meetings are an excellent way to learn about and experience the school. These meetings are open to the public. Reservations for virtual sessions are required. Our Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Mathes, conducts an informational session covering numerous topics from NRCA’s history to policies and procedures. The Principals for each school (Elementary, Middle, and High) and the Admissions Director are available at this meeting to answer additional questions you might have. The in-person sessions conclude with a thorough school tour, and for the virtual sessions, we have a virtual tour available on our website. We are unable to schedule individual tours throughout the year, but Prospective Parent Information Meetings are offered from November through July for each new Admission year.

At least one parent must attend a Prospective Parent Information Meeting for the application process to be complete. Attendance to a prior meeting does not count for the next year’s Admission process. Parents of NRCA siblings are not required to attend but are always welcome.

2021-2022 School Year Parent Information Meetings
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November 17, 20209:30 amRegister for Virtual Meeting
7:00 pmRegister for Virtual Meeting
December 1, 20209:30 amRegister for Virtual Meeting
7:00 pmRegister for Virtual Meeting
January 19, 20219:30 amTBD
7:00 pmTBD
February 16, 20219:30 amTBD
7:00 pmTBD
March 30, 20219:30 amTBD
7:00 pmTBD
April 20, 20219:30 amTBD
7:00 pmTBD
May 4, 20217:00 pmTBD
June 9, 20219:30 amTBD
June 16, 20219:30 amTBD
June 23, 20219:30 amTBD
June 30, 20219:30 amTBD
July 7, 20219:30 amTBD
July 14, 20219:30 amTBD
July 21, 20219:30 amTBD
July 28, 20219:30 amTBD

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