Application Process

Application Process

Applications are now available for the 2018-2019 school year.

The Admission Application Process Checklist is a great tool to help you understand the steps involved in applying for Admission to North Raleigh Christian Academy. Please be sure to visit the other pages on this Admissions site to verify dates and times for Prospective Parent Information Meetings and Admissions Testing dates.

Admissions Checklist

Application Complete and sign the application. Both parents are required to sign in two separate places on the application.
Application Fee Attach a check made out to NRCA for the correct amount. (If selecting the full payment method, attach the Registration Fee plus the non-refundable $100 Application Processing Fee. If selecting the monthly payment plan, attach the first monthly installment plus the non-refundable $100 Application Processing Fee).
Birth Certificate Include a copy of the student’s birth certificate. The birth certificate must accompany the application at the time of submission.
Student Medical Immunization Record All students applying for K5-12th grade must complete and include the Student Medical Form with the immunizations attached when the application is submitted.
 Kindergarten Physical Assessment Form All Kindergarten students accepted to NRCA will need to provide proof of a Kindergarten physical. The physical form must be completed by your doctor and turned in to the Admissions Office by the first day of school. This physical should be scheduled during the summer so that it will remain current for the student’s entire Kindergarten academic year. Your doctor will provide the physical form. Your Kindergarten student will be unable to attend their first day of school without a physical form including updated immunizations on file.
Report Card Include a copy of the previous year final report card and current year report card.
Admissions Testing Students applying for 1st through 12th grade admission must provide current Stanford 10, IOWA,  California Achievement or Terra Nova test scores that are less than one year old. Any other testing cannot be accepted for Admission purposes. Students applying for Kindergarten do not need to be tested. If the student cannot provide current testing, please sign up for one of the testing dates (see the Testing Dates page for a complete listing). The Admissions Office must receive the New Student Application along with the check attached ($100 Application Processing Fee plus Registration Fee or the $100 Application Processing Fee plus the first monthly payment) three days prior to the testing date. Please call the Admissions Assistant at (919)573-7900 ext 1677 to place your student on the testing calendar. An interview cannot be scheduled if testing has not been received or administered.
Transcript Request Form Complete and sign the Transcript Request Form and return it with the application. Records will be requested by NRCA if the student is accepted and after the completion of the current school year.
Student Confidential Evaluation (K5, 1st-5th, or 6th-12th) must be signed by the parent or guardian, dated and sent to your student’s current teacher. The form must be mailed, faxed to (919) 573-7901 or emailed to back to NRCA by the teacher. Please ask a core subject teacher (Math, Science, English, or History) to complete this evaluation for Middle School and/or High School students.
Pastor Reference Form must be signed by the parent or guardian, dated and sent to any full-time minister on staff at your church. The form must be mailed, faxed to (919) 573-7901 or emailed to back to NRCA by the minister.
Prospective Parent Information Meeting At least one parent or guardian must attend a Parent Information Meeting. Attendance is required each year, even if you have attended a previous year meeting. This is only for new families to NRCA. Sibling families do not have to attend. No reservation is required and this meeting is open to the public. This meeting is intended for parents and middle and/or high school students only. Due to the length and nature of the meeting, we ask that parents not bring infant, pre-school or elementary students.
Student Handbook Parents are expected to review the Student Handbook, prior to beginning the application process. This will allow parents and students an opportunity to understand and become familiar with established school policies and procedures.
Return completed application with check attached, birth certificate, completed K5-12th grade Medical Form including immunizations to the NRCA’s Admissions Office.
Interview After completion of these requirements, an interview will be scheduled with the appropriate principal (Elementary, Middle or High). If you have multiple children applying, the interview will be scheduled with the oldest applicant’s principal. Middle and High school applicants must be present for the interview. Elementary students do not attend the interview. Interviews begin in December for Kindergarten. Interviews for 1st through 12th grade usually begin in late January, after the re-enrollment process for current NRCA students is complete.
Wait Pool Process When the interview process is complete and it is determined that the applicant is a qualified candidate for admission to NRCA, the applicant will be placed in a wait pool for their particular grade. When an opening becomes available, all students in the wait pool for that grade will be considered. Once a decision is reached, the parents of the applicant selected will be notified of an offer for acceptance. Applicants are not assigned a number in the wait pool process. Each time an opening becomes available, all candidates for that grade are considered equally. Applicants in the wait pool must reapply for each new admission year.

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