Parent Resources

Parent Resources

iPad Deployment Video

Click here to view a video of the presentation given by the Technology Director for iPad Deployment.

Additional Restrictions

Parents can apply additional restrictions on each individual iPad.  To add restrictions to each iPad please follow the directions below.  Please note, you can always add additional restrictions but you are not able to disable any settings that have been preset by NRCA.

Setting Additional Restrictions


If an iPad has been broken or damaged a student must come by the technology department before or after school. If the technology department determines that the iPad cannot be repaired to working condition by a member of the technology staff, then the student must submit an Insurance Claim Form, found below, along with the proper payment to the Mobile Device Coordinator.  If the iPad is functional the student will not receive a replacement iPad until a signed form and payment has been received.



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Each school-issued iPad will be filtered via the school’s Internet filtering system, however if you would like to have additional filters at home we suggestion Circle by Circle Media.