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NRCA 1:1 iPad Program Frequently Asked Questions

Apple ID for Student Under 13

An Apple ID is the login used to manage all Apple products.  This ID can be used to download music, apps, and podcasts.  The student’s Apple ID also links the Student’s School-Issued iPad to iCloud for saving files and backups and can find a lost device via the “Find my iPad” application when connected to Wi-Fi. Once an app (or song) has been purchased via the iTunes store, it belongs to the user of that Apple ID, not the device.

According to Federal Regulations (COPPA Act) concerning the amount of information that can be gathered for children under the age of 13, Apple ID’s cannot be created via the Apple website.  For students under 13, Apple IDs and iCloud are requested by the school or school district and then created upon receipt by Apple of verifiable consent from a parent or guardian. These accounts are created by the parent or guardian on behalf of the student. Apple IDs for students under 13 have limited targeted advertising, and by default, iCloud email is not activated.

Once initialed by NRCA, parents will receive an email from Apple with a temporary password for creating their student’s Apple ID.  Parents will read through the information and follow the link with the students temporary password to create the account.

Apple Support: Apple ID FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

My student would like to use a keyboard (or other accessories) with their iPad?

Students will be allowed to use bluetooth keyboards with their iPads, however this and other accessories must be purchased by each individual student.  NRCA will not provide keyboards, earbuds, Apple Pencils or styluses.

How does NRCA ensure my student’s online privacy and safety and prevent distractions from academics?

  • NRCA implements extensive measures to ensure our students’ privacy and safety while they are on our network.

  • Certain apps and URL sites are blocked from use by our system.

  • NRCA maintains sophisticated content filters and firewalls to actively manage the wireless network. Each student already agrees to our Acceptable Use Policy as a condition of enrollment. This policy will continue to outline the safety measures that are in place and the practices that we expect of the student.

  • It is also our job as parents and educators to teach proper use of any internet connected device. We intend to use the opportunity to teach students proper use of technology, consistent with our mission: “Instilling Biblical principles in students’ lives that they might impact their society for Christ.”

  • Notwithstanding these and other efforts, it is important to bear in mind that because even though the iPad is the NRCA’s property, NRCA is not responsible for how an iPad is used when a student is not on the NRCA campus.

Does NRCA provide iPads or will each student have to purchase his own?

    • Each student is given an iPad that has been purchased and configured by NRCA.  Each student is also be given a school issued case.

How are iPads being utilized for educational purposes?

    • The vast array of iPad software programs and apps make it a valuable tool in any classroom.

    • Students have access to various programs and apps that will assist them in solving problems in science and math courses as well as different programs to enhance their ability to take notes within other courses such as English, the social sciences, and foreign languages.

    • Use of the iPad also allows the teacher to better gauge students’ grasp of the material during class so that a teacher may emphasize the material with which students may be struggling.

    • With the rapid development of e-textbooks, it makes sense for NRCA teachers and students to make use of the array of resources available electronically.

Does NRCA have a sufficient number of charging stations available for students to recharge their iPads during the course of the school day?

Charging stations should not be necessary. One of the advantages of using the iPad as a 1:1 device is that its battery can last 8-10 hours on a full charge, more than sufficient for a student’s typical needs during the course of our school day.  Our expectation is that a student should come to NRCA every day with his iPad fully charged, so that he will not need to charge it at school.  If a student needs a partial recharge during the school day high school students may charge their iPads at the designated charging stations in the cafeteria.

Does my student have to use the school issued case?

Yes, each iPad needs to remain in the school issued case.

Given that all iPads look the same, how can a student ensure that his iPad will not be confused with another student’s iPad?

A student should treat his iPad as he would any other costly possession. All iPads have the students username on the home screen right above the home button for easy identification.

Finally, and most important, each should always take care to keep their iPad secure.  They should never leave it unattended. If a student puts their iPad in their locker, they should make sure that their locker is safely locked.

Is the iPad be the primary instructional tool used in the classroom?

The iPad is an instructional tool, but one of many that is used in the classroom. Teachers use direct instruction and small group learning to teach interpersonal, critical thinking, and effective communication skills. It is important that students have both face-to-face and digital skill sets. NRCA will teach both.

How is student work on the iPad backed up?

Documents and other information that are saved to the iPad should be backed up to OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud by the students regularly. Students can also back up their iPads to a home computer. Students are trained on proper file management and backup methods both in classes and via online tutorials.  Individual apps have to backed-up separately.  Please check information on on specific apps through that app developers website.

Should a student have his own personal Apple ID, or will one be provided through the school?

A student will have the option of having his own personal Apple ID or using a family Apple ID.  Apple ID will need to registered through NRCA so that any app or program that NRCA decides is required for educational purposes can be placed on a student’s device over-the-air. Any additional apps a student or their parents may want to obtain will have to be purchased through the student’s own personal Apple ID at their expense.

Parents who are concerned about their son or daughter using a personal Apple ID should consider requiring their child to share his/her password with them. Further, while a credit card is required to establish an Apple ID, the credit card information may be immediately removed once the Apple ID account is created. It may be replaced with an iTunes gift card balance, providing parents with management over expenses. Students who are under 13 years of age must have their Apple ID set-up initialized by NRCA.  Finally, parental restrictions can be set on the iPad to prevent installation and/or use of certain apps, music, and podcasts.

What if the iPad is lost, stolen or damaged?

The iPad will be the student’s responsibility. A lost or stolen iPad must be reported to NRCA immediately and should also be reported to the proper authorities if off-campus theft occurs. Any damage due to intentional or unintentional abuse or misuse to the iPad must be reported to NRCA immediately. The family will be responsible for the cost of replacing the iPad if it is lost, stolen, submersion in water or non-accidentally damaged.  Accidental damage or damage caused by a fire or natural disaster will be covered under the school insurance policy.  More information can be found on the Parent Resources page.

We also strongly recommend downloading the Find My iPad app, allowing you and your student to locate the device should it become lost. Find My iPad shows you the approximate location of your iPad on a map while using a different device. Using a well selected password will additionally help protect your iPad (not 1234 or something else easily decoded).

Do students use electronic textbooks or printed?

NRCA selects textbooks by prioritizing academic quality and value to students. There are few courses for which there are no quality digital textbooks and will require a traditional print book. Over the next few years as older textbooks phase out we may see the addition of more digital textbooks. Teachers review their textbooks and the text’s medium and delivery yearly to ensure that their students have the best possible educational experience.

Digital Textbook List

Is there be tech support available to students?

There will be several ways for students to receive tech support for their devices. All of the teachers have been trained and will offer students immediate support in the classroom. Additional support is provided by NRCA IT staff, and hardware support will also be offered through the nearest Apple Store.

Which software programs and apps will my student be using?

Why did NRCA implement a 1:1 iPad Program?

  • The NRCA 1:1 iPad Program offers students the most up-to-date and advanced learning tools that are available.

  • The NRCA 1:1 iPad Program allows students to use various apps and interactive learning tools to enhance their learning experience to an extent not possible with current instructional tools.

  • The NRCA 1:1 iPad Program places the most useful technology in students’ hands at all times.

  • iPad integration into classroom instruction allows our teachers to expand their repertoire of instructional modes.

  • Use of ebooks and iBooks allows for the enhancement and interactivities that a traditional book cannot provide.

  • In sum, the NRCA 1:1 iPad Program provides a host of advantages and benefits to students, teachers and parents.

What is the North Raleigh Christian Academy 1:1 iPad Program?

Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, all students in 4th grade through 12th grade at NRCA were given a school purchased iPad. This iPad is integrated into instruction at North Raleigh Christian Academy. Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade have the opportunity to use an in class cart of iPads daily. PreK has access to a cart on a rotating basis.

Does NRCA’s wireless system have the necessary bandwidth to handle a 1:1 high school program?

NRCA has invested extensive time and energy in designing a WiFi network that meets the needs of our students and faculty. A full time IT staff ensures that any problems are quickly resolved and do not interfere with learning.