5th Grade

5th Grade Curriculum

Fifth grade is our students’ last year to develop the foundational, godly character traits and study management skills needed to achieve academic success in Middle School. As fifth grade teachers, it is our goal to present a biblical worldview in each of the 5 core subjects, which are taught on a daily rotation of classes. Students have their first opportunity to explore the Fine Arts, consisting of a choice of band or choir, which are taught on a daily basis. In addition, ‘specials’ classes include Spanish, Art, Computer, and Physical Education helping to round out their academic experience. Each week, Chapel continues to enrich the learning community by drawing us back to our Lord through praise and worship, Bible stories, and guest speakers.


Three strands of instruction occur in fifth grade ACSI Bible curriculum. First is an overview of the Old Testament. Second is an in-depth study of the lives of various Bible characters presented in chronological order as a part of the survey of the Old Testament. Third is the focus on the choices these individuals made whether good or bad. This third level of instruction provides the natural bridge to application in the personal lives of students as they make their own choices.

Social Studies

The history curriculum provides a Biblically based approach in the study of world history including the five continents on the Eastern Hemisphere during the time frame of the beginning of time to the present. This study incorporates the geography of this area of the world with its historical study. Computer research and hands-on activities along with historical fiction novel studies and creative writing assignments enhance this study of the Old World.  Highlighting the immigration of people from other countries to America establishes a link between the Old and New Worlds.


Our orderly, heavenly Father used mathematics as He created our world. The fifth grade mathematics curriculum promotes structure and order and shows students the order of the real world.   Students hear a complete explanation of each concept as well as see  procedures demonstrated step by step by the teacher which include daily Smart Board and iPad lessons.They use concrete manipulatives to be introduced to new math concepts; they develop problem-solving skills; increase their skill in computation; develop critical thinking skills; and most importantly, develop a Christian worldview.


This course focuses on the scientific method of  investigation, hands-on-learning and science labs. The science units are taught from a Christian perspective, always stressing Biblical foundations and principles with regards to God as Creator. The curriculum is based on three sections of science including life science, physical science (forces, energy and matter), and earth science. The students along with teacher guidance conduct frequent experiments.The students visit the NRCA science lab  to perform several of the experiments. Students learn to write lab reports and dissect owl pellets.  Field trips also help reinforce what has been learned in class.

Language Arts

The fifth grade language arts curriculum encompasses these subject areas: reading, grammar, spelling, and creative writing. In English, students learn grammar and  writing techniques by using the ABeka curriculum. They learn how all sentence parts fit together to make sense and express an idea. Students learn how to expand, improve, and edit their  writing. They then learn how to express their own ideas through formal and creative writing. The reading program incorporates lessons in character development based on Biblical principles. Students increase their vocabulary through word studies in the literature and develop comprehension and critical thinking skills from discussion and related activities. A variety of book reports are required throughout the year, which enhance students’ awareness of different literary genre. The reading curriculum is integrated with the study of history through the use of historical fiction novel studies. Creative writing is integrated with other subjects throughout the curriculum. In this class the focus is on not only spelling the words correctly, but also understanding their definitions and being able to use them correctly in everyday conversation. Smartboard  and iPad activities are incorporated into each lesson in an effort to meet each student at their learning style.

Elementary Chapel

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