Seniors Serenade the Castle

Seniors Serenade the Castle

By: AJ Toler, Shield Editor

Sounds of excited cheers and a plethora of musical instruments flowed through the hallways of NRCA on Feb. 10 as the seniors delivered candy, flowers, and songs during the annual Valograms fundraiser. NRCA seniors dressed in dazzling Valentine’s Day attire serenaded students and staff to raise money for the senior trip to Italy.  

AP Psychology teacher and yearbook adviser Suzanne Lyczkowski directed this year’s event and said there were around 2,600 Valograms sold. By the end of the event, NRCA seniors delivered approximately 1300 flowers and 2200 bags of candy to students and staff. As a new addition to the celebration this year, seniors distributed over 700 “Love God, Love Others” Valentine stickers to elementary students.  

The proceeds from this event benefit the Class of 2023 while being a fun way to kick off NRCA’s spring senior season.  

The seniors take great joy in spreading love across the school and spend lots of time preparing for their big debut as Valentine’s rock stars. “After we prepared all the candy, Mrs. Perry walked us through all the songs with her guitar, and we sang them together. It was really fun,” senior Sunhee Frecker said. The Valograms event isn’t just about raising money for the school—it allows students to bond and savor their last sweet months of high school.  

The Class of 2023 concluded their tour with a lunch party orchestrated by senior parent volunteers. The seniors were treated to a lavish Italian feast of meatballs and fettuccine Alfredo, surrounded by heart-shaped balloons in the exquisitely decorated Student Life Center. “My favorite part of the senior lunch was definitely the decorations. The moms do a super great job, and it looked so pretty with all the pink and the hearts,” said Frecker.  

The seniors did a spectacular job spreading Valentine’s cheer with their heartfelt musical performances and extravagant ensembles. Events like these are made possible by the love and support of NRCA families and staff.