Grandparents Academy

Grandparents Academy

NRCA is excited to celebrate NRCA grandparents by hosting Grandparents Academy on Friday, March 24, on campus!

In preparation for Grandparents Academy, we are asking each family to submit a Student Attendance Form by March 17 using the link below to let us know each student’s plans for that day. Even if your family will not have grandparents in attendance, we will still need attendance plans on file for each student. For more information about Grandparents Academy, please see the additional details at the bottom of this email.

During Grandparents Academy registration, you will find grade levels split into two different groups: grades K-3 and 4-12. For each grade-level group, there will be a grade-level specific program, as well as a light breakfast and an NRCA Knights Showcase experience. The K-3 program will include performances from our kindergarten through third-grade choirs. The program for grades 4-12 will feature our Jazz Band, Middle School Ensemble, and the Chapel Praise Band. Both programs will include a special performance from our spring musical, Anastasia. The NRCA Knights Showcase experience will highlight artwork from the NRCA Art Extravaganza and feature many of the clubs and electives NRCA offers its students.

Grandparents Academy Registration
Parents are responsible for registering their student’s grandparents using their Parent PowerSchool account. If you have questions about accessing this form, please see the information at the bottom of this email.

Student Attendance Form:
Grandparents Academy will conclude by 11:15 a.m. on Friday, March 24. This special day is set aside to honor NRCA grandparents and will be a review day across all grade levels. All students will have the option to be dismissed following the conclusion of Grandparents Academy. NRCA is asking that all parents complete the Student Attendance Form by March 17 to facilitate the logistical planning of the day. A separate form needs to be completed for each student.

Where Do I Locate Both of These Forms?
In the event a link does not take you directly to the correct form, you can find the forms in the “Forms” tab on the left side navigation menu of your Parent PowerSchool account. If you have trouble logging in to your Parent PowerSchool account, please complete a Parent Tech Help Request using the link below.

We look forward to seeing our NRCA grandparents on campus soon!

Mrs. Jennifer Christensen
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, and Parent Relations Director