NRCA Legacies – Alumni Choose Their Alma Mater

NRCA Legacies – Alumni Choose Their Alma Mater

As NRCA continues to grow through the years, one of the biggest blessings we see is when our local alumni choose their alma mater to educate their own children. Hear why a few of our graduates decided to enroll their students at NRCA this year. NRCA loves its alumni and is grateful for the chance to welcome legacy students into the family.  

Hannah Rasmussen (2008)
Owen, First Grade 

Why did you choose to send your child to NRCA?
I have learned, especially in the last four or five years, that the world we live in now, and the one we are raising our children in now, is different from the one I was raised in. Although I know every generation thinks and sees the same thing as time goes on and the world changes, the realization of this has made my priorities in parenting shift to that of preparation. Preparation for the tough decisions that face our innocent and impressionable children starts with the right foundation, and I need help with instilling just that into my child. That’s why I chose NRCA—because I know they will partner with me in preparing my son for what lies ahead by creating an unshakable foundation not only in academics but also in truth. A foundation cemented in God’s truths that stands the test of this ever-changing world is of utmost importance to me, and thankfully, I know it is for the staff at NRCA as well. 

What is your fondest memory of being a student here?
Some of my fondest memories at NRCA include some of the amazing teachers that made such an impactful difference on me during my time there. Teachers such as Suzanne Lyczkowski, Bonnie Vacher, and Mr. Ridlehoover, just to name a few. The bond many of us formed with teachers while we were there because of how much they genuinely invested in their students was very impactful. 

Matt Ferrell (2008)
Landon, Kindergarten 

Why did you choose to send your child to NRCA?
My wife, Jaclyn, and I love the leadership team, teachers, and staff of NRCA. We chose to send Landon to NRCA because we believe it is essential that our children learn and develop friendships in an environment where Christ comes first. 

What is your fondest memory of being a student here?
Rob Hester was a spiritual hero of mine. Tragically, he passed away my junior year. Before he passed, he chose me to receive the Bible award that year, and it was presented to me at the award ceremony at the end of the year. I was shocked and honored. I’ll always remember and cherish that. 

Lauren Reeves (2002)
Jude, Kindergarten 

I am a class of 2002 alumna with her firstborn as a member of the Class of 2035, and we are so very pleased to be here. The road to NRCA was paved well for us, and the decision to send our children here was made prior to their being born.  

My parents chose to send me to the “new school” when NRCA was founded. My mother-in-law was an educator, and before she knew I’d attended NRCA, she shared her experience of the outward kindness of the students she’d met while bringing her students to an extracurricular event hosted at NRCA. My husband and I were on board with NRCA before having children. The welcome we received during the interview process and orientation was astounding—there were so many familiar faces. It felt like home, despite the grand buildings being new to me. 

My son is in kindergarten, and despite his great dismay with not being automatically vested with the ability to read on the first day, he’s told me he loves being a Knight, his teacher loves him, he loves ordering lunch, and he is glad he can wear jeans and hoodies to class. He can’t wait for his brother to join him at NRCA. He talks about Jesus, and I catch him singing songs well-written in my heart. We know he’s in the right place. We know Mrs. Mathes prayed for the right teacher and class for him. Words aren’t enough to describe how much this means to us. 

The school has changed so much but has kept so many traditions—Chick-fil-A and Jersey Mike’s are still on the lunch list—and I’m glad some have changed. (I still can’t believe jeans and hoodies are allowed in the dress code!)  

What doesn’t seem to have changed is the school’s investment in the students and their families. It’s been 20 years since I graduated, and I have close and lifelong friends from my class. I still have faculty comment on social media posts that they’re praying for my family and me. Now new faculty and familiar faces are pouring out God’s love and educating my child. It’s a lot more than I expected, and again, I’m thankful for this school.