NRCA’s Response – Coronavirus

NRCA’s Response – Coronavirus

NRCA will be closed until further notice.

In an effort to keep an open line of communication with families,
this webpage will host all email blasts and information about the virus that has been sent out.

Email Blast: March 16, 2020

Remote Learning Schedule

NRCA Parents,

NRCA is ceasing all face-to-face classroom teaching beginning Monday, March 16 and starting remote education on Wednesday, March 18 for all NRCA students in grades PreK through 12.

In preparation for remote education, students/parents may pick up school-issued iPads, essential school items and personal belongings on Monday, March 16 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM or Tuesday, March 17 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Unfortunately, NRCA’s campus will NOT be accessible outside these times.  All exterior doors will be unlocked during the scheduled times above, please park and enter the building closest to your student’s classroom or locker to limit your time on campus.

NRCA will be operating on a remote education schedule beginning Wednesday, March 18, until further notice. NRCA’s campus will be closed to students, parents, and visitors during this time.

Q3 & Q4: In light of the disruption to the school calendar, Quarter 3 has been extended to Tuesday, March 31 with Quarter 4 beginning Wednesday, April 1. This will allow extra time for both teachers and students to finish assignments/assessments from Q3 before moving on to Q4.  Flexibility will be key in working with students/families regarding makeup work.

NRCA will follow the CDC’s recommendation and cancel all events/gatherings on campus for the next 8 weeks.

I was reminded yesterday, as I watched live Church on TV with my family, of Psalms 46:10 – “be still, and KNOW that I AM God.”  This verse is displayed in our family room above our TV and was a timely reminder and blessing that God is in control.  Please know that you have been lifted up in my prayers.  If there is anything I can do to assist you or your family during this time, please let me know.

Email Blast: March 14, 2020 (PM)

NRCA continues to partner with our school community in Kingdom Education. It is perfectly understandable for our school families to have varying opinions regarding appropriate responses to the Coronavirus. Decisions have been made through prayer and based on current information received from both the CDC and Wake County Health Department. While trying to partner, serve, and be sensitive to the desires of all our NRCA families, policies and procedures were in place to follow recommendations regarding social distancing, eliminating large gatherings, and elevating preventive hygiene practices. Following the Governor’s executive order, NRCA will implement remote education for PreK through 12th-grade students until further notice.

NRCA is ceasing all face-to-face classroom teaching beginning Monday, March 16  and starting remote education on Wednesday, March 18  for all NRCA students in grades PreK through 12. Additional information regarding academics and the end of the 3rd quarter will be communicated early next week. In preparation for remote education, students/parents may pick up school-issued iPads, essential school items and personal belongings on Monday, March 16 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM or Tuesday, March 17  from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. NRCA will be operating on a remote education schedule beginning Wednesday, March 18, until further notice. NRCA’s campus will be closed to students, parents, and visitors during this time.

Again, we know this is an exceptionally challenging time, and it will take all of us working together to navigate this difficult situation and protect the health and well-being of our community. Our deepest thanks in advance for continuing to partner with us during this extraordinary time. NRCA continues to covet your prayers for our school community and the leaders of our nation.

Email Blast: March 14, 2020

NRCA Parents, 

As NRCA continues to operate school, we desire to partner with families in Kingdom Education. Families who choose to self-quarantine will be assisted by the faculty and staff. If you choose to self-quarantine, please contact your child’s homeroom or classroom teacher and they will provide detailed information. As a reminder per the handbook, NRCA does not follow Wake County schools closings. However, we will continue to follow the recommendations of the Wake County Health Department and the Center for Disease Control. In the meantime, know we will continue to work diligently to offer support to your family in every way. We continue to know and trust that our God is in control even in the midst of the unknown, and we ask you to join us in praying for a swift end to this virus.

Yours for Kingdom Education,
Mr. Danny Watkins
High School Principal
Mr. Ted Hassert 
Upper Elementary and Middle School Principal
Mrs. Debbie Sherrill
Lower Elementary Principal

Email Blast: Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dear NRCA Families,

The health, safety, and well-being of our students and their families is a top priority. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that schools continue to consult with their local Health Department for updates on COVID-19. NRCA has established a good line of communication with the Wake County Health Department.  Those communications included receiving an update on the local Wake county cases as well as receiving guidance for best practices for determining upcoming NRCA events. The Wake County Health Department has been very helpful.  They reiterated and emphasized that NRCA’s campus is considered Low Risk for COVID-19 and is not recommending our campus to close at this time.

A few points that I would like to emphasize:

  1. Before speaking to the protocols that NRCA has in place, let me first encourage calm. COVID-19 is still very new, human nature’s first reaction is to panic, but God is faithful and is in control of all situations. Our greatest fear is fear of the unknown but let me remind you that the God we serve is all-knowing, even things that are unknown to us.
  2. NRCA completed a “Deep Clean” of our entire facility over Winter Break, using hospital-grade disinfectants. A campus-wide cleaning regimen has been implemented following best practices for health and safety in schools. An additional campus-wide “Deep Clean” will be conducted again this weekend.
  3. In the event that extended closures are recommended by our Health Department, NRCA will be prepared. NRCA is currently working with our faculty and staff in developing formal policies and procedures to provide a quality education to our students remotely, if needed.
    • Please take special note of this: NRCA desires to partner with each and every family in Kingdom Education.  If a family chooses to Self-Quarantine, NRCA will communicate the policies and procedures for remote education, upon request.  NRCA will be having a Teacher Workday tomorrow in lieu of the Fine Arts Festival to finalize these policies and procedures in order to best serve all of our families.  Additional communication regarding the remote education process will be sent via email from your homeroom teacher.
  4. Please continue to partner with NRCA, by making us aware of any known exposures or potential exposures due to travel or other elevated risk contacts.
  5. NRCA has been reviewing upcoming trips and campus events that are currently scheduled. Final decisions will be determined based on recommendations from the CDC and our local Health Department.  NRCA continues to monitor the situation and stay informed through regular updates from these organizations.  Below is a list of events that have been canceled at this time.
    • ACSI has canceled the Fine Arts Festival (hosted by NRCA) that was scheduled for tomorrow Friday, March 13th.
    • The Senior Class Community Service Day that was scheduled for this coming Monday, March 16thhas also been canceled.
    • Grandparents Academy, which was scheduled for Friday, March 27th has also been canceled at the recommendation of the Wake County Health Department due to the involvement of potential “High Risk” attendees.
    • The Choir Trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania over Easter Break has also been canceled. Information regarding refunds is forthcoming.

As NRCA continues to operate school with a heightened sensitivity and desire to partner with families, I would also like to remind you of what have become known as the “Best Practices” that will help limit the spread of COVID-19, or any virus for that matter:

  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • Wash your hands well and often. Wash for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Teach your kids to do the same.
  • Try not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially if you have not washed your hands. Also, please avoid shaking hands or high fives.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that people touch a lot. Our classrooms are being regularly disinfected.
  • “When in doubt, keep them out.” If you are trying to decide if your child should press through an illness and come to school, please error on the side of caution and keep them out of school.
  • Please familiarize yourself with all CDC and Health Department Guidelines.

The health, safety, and well-being of our NRCA family and surrounding community is our top priority. NRCA continues to monitor all guidelines and advisories from public health officials and will keep you updated and informed, to the best of our ability.  Attached are some additional resources from the NCDHHS to help keep you informed about COVID-19.

  1. COVID-19 Community Education
  2. Share Facts About COVID-19
  3. What you need to know about COVID-19
  4. COVID-19 Symptoms
  5. Stop the spread of germs

In the meantime, please join NRCA in praying for God’s continued protection over our faculty, staff, student body, school families and our surrounding community.