W-I-N: 2020 Spelling Bee Results

W-I-N: 2020 Spelling Bee Results

Friday, February 7, NRCA elementary and middle school students gathered at Grace Christian for the ACSI District Spelling Bee, along with six other schools. 

I am so pleased with our lower elementary students’ performances,” Mrs. Mescher said. I was feeling really confident about our spellers before the bee and how well they had prepared.” 

For first through fourth grades, NRCA won two of the four awards for a total of eight places earned out of the possible 16 places, taking home 50% of the ribbons handed out on Friday! No other school had such a high percentage.  

In addition, both Addie Garnett, NRCA fifth-grader, and Lynn Kim, NRCA eighth-grader, will be going to Atlanta to participate in the regional spelling bee. Lynn has participated every year in the spelling bee since first grade and earned an award every single time. 

Our grade level coordinators worked long and hard to prepare the students, and their families took on the extra effort needed for the children to do well at the district spelling bee,” Mrs. Mescher said. “I am so excited [for everyone who won] and proud beyond words.” 


1st Grade 
Joy Squirewell – 2nd Place
Veronica Makar – 4th Place

2nd Grade
Zoe Cullum – 2nd Place
Mia Ruppert – 4th place

3rd Grade 
Riley Balsis  – 3rd Place
Kennedy Stephens – 4th Place

 4th Grade 
Jeremiah Gayad – 2nd Place
Hannah Weitzel – 3rd Place
Mintz Christian – 4th Place

5th Grade
Addie Garnett – 3rd Place

8th Grade
Lynn Kim – 1st Place