Competition Cheer Wins Big in Orlando

Competition Cheer Wins Big in Orlando

By: Ellie Shafer, Senior Shield Editor

From January 1-5, NRCA’s competition cheer team traveled to Orlando, Florida, to compete in the National Christian Cheerleading Championships, otherwise known as FCC Nationals or Nationals. The team competed in two separate divisions, Game Day and All Music, winning second place in both.  

The team performed two separate routines, one for each division. During their Game Day performance, only the varsity team performed, while for their All Music routine, a larger team of 29 girls performed. Each routine was performed twice, making it four performances in total.  

My favorite part of nationals was getting to hang out with my girls. I loved bonding with them during the competition,” junior Taylor Beach said.  

In the downtime between competing, the team was given free time. For the first day, this consisted of spending the day at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. At other points during the trip, the girls were able to shop, hang out, and rest up for the remaining performances ahead.   

“I have cheered since I was in the sixth grade and I have to say this is one of the best Nationals trips that I have gone on. I don’t know if it was because it was my last time going, or just the people that I went with, and even though we did not have the outcome we wanted, I would go back and do it all over again if I could,” senior captain Sydney Dennis said.  

In addition to second place in both divisions, the team was awarded the Best Showmanship and Choreography Award and the Loyalty Award for the number of years that NRCA has attended Nationals. In addition, both Abigail Cook and Alexa Gomez received the Scholar Cheerleaders award.  The team continues to celebrate their accomplishments and looks forward to returning to Florida to compete again next year.