NRCA Volunteer System

NRCA Volunteer System

Fill Out Your Volunteer Applications Online Today!

Contact Tiffany Benson at
if you have any questions.

The Sterling Volunteers Platform will provide:

  • Online Convenience
  • Email Updates on the Status of Your Application
  • Renewal Reminder Emails (Will Expire Annually-Not by School Calendar Year)
  • Background Checks Will Be Run Automatically Each Month Ensuring the Safety of Our Students
  • The Ability to Share your Background Check for Free with 1 Outside Organization

It will cost $10 for volunteers to submit their online application through Sterling Volunteers.

New Volunteer Levels:

  • Volunteer: Parents helping in clerical situations, assisting in the classrooms or lunchroom, chaperoning field trips, tutoring, or having any direct or indirect supervision of students. Volunteer application completed through Sterling Volunteers is required.
  • Volunteer Plus: All responsibilities included in the above paragraph plus the ability to transport students (other than your own) by school bus or personal vehicle. Volunteer application completed through Sterling Volunteers and a completed Driver Application including all required documents listed on the application are required. Driver Applications can be found on the NRCA website under the “Parent Organizations” tab.