Varsity Football Kicks Off Season With Win

Varsity Football Kicks Off Season With Win

By: Mathew Nelson, Shield Staff

NRCA’s varsity football team started off its season strong with a win against the Cabarrus Warriors on Friday, August 16. Pre-season hard work and tough practice paid off as the Knights were able to get a 14-8 win in overtime.  

“We’ve been able to work hard during the week, and it’s made Fridays all the more fun, especially when we win,” senior Denny Dunmire said. 

The offense played a good game and played hard to earn the crucial points that led to the win.  

“Offensively, Jackson Maye ran for 75 yards and scored a key touchdown in overtime to give us the lead,” Dunmire said.  

The team has some new players that have helped the team improve. Their positive impact has certainly lifted the spirits of the team. 

We have some newcomers this year that have already proven themselves to be impact players, and I believe the overall attitude surrounding the football team has changed for the better,” Dunmire said. 

The team is working hard to improve on what they can and to have a successful season. 

There’s definitely some room for improvement, but if we keep playing like we did the other night, I think we’ll have a great season, and an even better postseason,” Dunmire said.