High School Blacklight Dodgeball Tournament

High School Blacklight Dodgeball Tournament

High School Students Register to Play!

Registration Fee $50
These funds will help towards the Tennis Complex Mondo playing surface, a new coach bus, and for our Tuition Assistance program.

$50 Per Student Entry Fee
$100 will give you all of the incentives below as well as tournament entry!
The tournament will be double-elimination (every student entered will get to play a minimum of 2 games). Teams and Brackets will be determined by the number of participants.

Additional Incentive Options Include:

  • $5 “Free Ball” Voucher (Limit of 3 per student)
  • $10 “Game Reentry” Voucher (Cannot be used after the 3 minute warning)
  • $25 Staff vs. Student Game Entry

: The homeroom with the most participation will win the choice of an off-campus ice cream party or a Chipotle lunch. There will be other homeroom incentives throughout the two fundraiser weeks including but not limited to: dress down incentives and a Chick-fil-a breakfast.