Fine Arts Festival Results

Fine Arts Festival Results

Band & Choral

On Friday, March 8, NRCA hosted the ACSI Fine Artis Festival. Each of NRCA’s Instrumental and Choral groups earned straight SUPERIOR ratings.  The student musicians and their directors worked diligently to fine-tune their pieces over the last several months and presented stellar performances before the adjudicators and audience members. Congratulations to the following groups and their conductors: Mr. Barley, Mrs. Bass, Mr. Burk, Mr. Butler, Mr. Minguez, and accompanist, Mrs. Walter: 

  • 6th Grade Band – Superior 
  • 6th Grade Choir – Superior 
  • Middle School Band – Superior 
  • Middle School Choir – Superior 
  • High School Wind Ensemble – Superior 
  • High School Concert Choir – Superior 
  • High School Jazz Ensemble – Superior 
  • High School Honors Vocal Ensemble – Superior 


NRCA receive a variety of Superiors, Excellents, and Goods with 8th Grade Art student Megan Lin receiving TWO Best in Shows for a painting and a small doll made from scratch. 

NRCA Arts Honors were:

  • 2 Best of Show
  •  15 Superior awards
  •  25 Excellent awards
  •  10 Good awards


Out of 104 students who played, 27 were NRCA students.  There were 61 Superiors given overall.  Students were required to play a repertoire piece by memory, a hymn/praise song and had a technical scale requirement.  We congratulate all students who participated on a job well done.  

Math Olympics 

The 2019 Math Olympics was also held at NRCA on Friday, March 8, 2019. Eight schools participated with over 258 students competing for ribbons. 
NRCA had 20 winners – 11 winners for Computation and 9 winners for Reasoning. 


3rd Grade: 
Hanna Weitzel-3rd place

Roman Flythe-1st place 

5th Grade: 
Abigail O’Reilly-3rd place

Adella Wu-1st place 

 6th Grade: 
Emma Mathes-4th Place

Anna Burkhart-1st place 

7th Grade: 
Asa Rogosich-4th place

Ethan Weitzel-1st place 

 8th Grade: 
Hannah Elder-3rd Place

Carter Page-2nd place
Whitney Drummond-1st place 


3rd Grade:
Everett Harmsen-1st place
Owen Keller-1st place

5th Grade: 
Bella Gibbs-3rd place

Camille Donofrio-2nd place
Matthew Finster-1st place 

6th Grade: 
Ben Christer-4th Place

Beixi Gu-3rd place 

 7th Grade: 
Sierra Munoz-4th Place

Lynn Kim-1st place