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Raleigh Gives Back Benefit Performance

By: Ainsley Parkerson, Shield Staff

On December 2, NRCA’s Honors Dance Company had the opportunity to participate in a benefit performance held at Rolesville High School. Hosted by CC & Co. Dance Complex, all proceeds went to the Helping Hands Mission and dance studios impacted by the hurricanes that hit the North Carolina coast this fall. 

CC & Co succeeded in their goal to raise $10,000 through ticket sales, concessions, a silent auction, and donations.  Eleven studios participated with over 100 dancers.  

This event was an amazing opportunity for the Honors Dance Company to represent NRCA.  “This event was a really unique experience for our dance company. We were able to join with other dance companies in the area to raise money for something bigger than ourselves,” junior Ellie Shafer said. 

The Honors Dance Company, which has 11 members, performed a piece called “Walking on Water,” choreographed by Amy Wagoner. Wagoner, who teaches geometry at NRCA, is also an instructor at CC & Co. Thanks to Wagoner’s involvement with them, the Honors Dance Company got the chance to perform at the event.  

“I really enjoyed the chance to get to see other dancers and their studio’s particular style. We got to represent NRCA and also raise money for a great cause!” sophomore Brianna Brookhart said. 

The Honors Dance Company had a great time representing NRCA and performing for such a good cause. “I hope we get the opportunity to do it again next year,” Shafer said.