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Cultivating A Biblical Worldview in the Home

Screens & Sex – Parenting in this Cultural Moment

We will be hosting a special parent meeting January 22, 2019, in the Fine Arts Center at 7:00 p.m. John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center on Christian Worldview, will be speaking on “Cultivating a Biblical Worldview in the Home.” As President of the Colson Center, John speaks on Christian Worldview worldwide, as well, as being a co-host with Eric Metaxas on “Breakpoint”, the Christian worldview radio program founded by Chuck Colson. John is a sought-after speaker at conferences, colleges, and churches on the subjects of theology, apologetics, and faith and culture. He holds degrees from the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Bryan College and is the coauthor of “Making Sense of Your World”. He recently published one of the finest books on Biblical Worldview, A Practical Guide to Culture.

Mark your calendar now!