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NRCA Book Fair

By: Nia White, Shield Editor

NRCA’s annual Book Fair started on Monday, October 29, and lasted until November 2. NRCA PVA hosts this annual event, sponsored by Bedford Falls Book Fairs, a company which specializes in tailoring the books they offer to the needs of the schools with which they partner. 

 “Kindergarten through fifth-grade classes visit the Book Fair and complete a wish list of books that they would like their parents to consider buying. Parents can either send in money or visit the Fair to purchase books,” Amy Brown, a parent organizer said. “Middle and high school students can visit us after school and on Family Night, which is always Thursday night.”  

 It is not just students filling out their wish, though.  Teachers hoping to add to their classroom libraries can fill out a wish list of their own.  Families visiting the book fair can find the teacher wish lists and make a purchase from those lists.  When they do, they get to place a sticker inside the cover of the book letting the teacher know who donated it to their classroom. 

 In addition to offering over 1,500 titles and activities, the book fair also offers a chance for parents and students to meet authors during Thursday evening’s Family Night book signing event.  This year’s featured authors were Jennifer Bleakley and J.S. “Seth” Davey. Bleakley wrote the novel “Joey” about a blind horse and a financially struggling horse ranch. Davey is a North Carolina author who writes for elementary age students and has created his own imprint entitled “Forest Fiction Books.” 

 “I created the “Fiction Forest Books” imprint for three reasons. First, to give witty and wisdom-filled fables that teach valuable lessons about contentment, kindness, and humility. Second, to complement those stories with beautiful, whimsical artwork that will excite the imagination while bringing the lines and characters to life in unique ways. And third, to give a way to help restore the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of orphaned children throughout the world,” Davey said. 

 Another goal of the book fair is to increase student interest in reading. 

 “[We hope that] kids who love reading will find new books to love and [that] kids who don’t like reading might find something to spark an interest in books,” Brown said.  “The book fair has been one of the greatest joys of my life in the last 17 years I have been at NRCA.”