Senior Trip: Navigating New York

Senior Trip: Navigating New York

By: Karis Williams, Shield Writer

The Senior Class of 2019 took on New York during their yearly school trip to the big city. The trip started off with attending a Mets baseball game, and even though the rain canceled the game, hanging out with close friends made the time fun. The next day the class did some shopping, and then, later in the evening, went to see the Broadway show “Wicked.”

“I had been wanting to see it and finally had the chance to. It was really good, and [I] would definitely recommend it to anyone,” Senior Mason Edwards said.

Next, the seniors went to Times Square, looked around Manhattan, and then explored many different stores. That Friday night, students were able to choose between attending a Yankees baseball game or seeing Phantom of the Opera. Half of the students went to the baseball game while the other half went to the play. Both were a good source of entertainment. Finally, on Saturday the seniors closed out the trip by stopping in Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell.

The Seniors overall had a great experience. They ate good food and explored new places all while getting to know people in their class a little better.

“TheNew York trip was a good opportunity to bond with people that you don’t normally associate with,” Senior Stephanie Tran said.

New York was a good time and the Seniors will remember this trip for a long time.