Senior Class Continues Tradition of Signing the Rock

Senior Class Continues Tradition of Signing the Rock

By: Karis Williams, Shield Staff

The senior class of 2019 had an exciting start to their year. On Friday, August 24, the seniors had the great pleasure of signing the rock which is located in front of the football stadium. This year marks the eleventh year since the tradition began. For many seniors the rock signing was a bittersweet moment. Senior Kenya Lester said, “Signing the rock is making me realize that this is it for us and we should enjoy every moment of it.” 

The seniors are glad that they have made it to the last year of high school but also realize that high school is coming to an end and college is lying ahead. The rock signing gave a great opportunity to socialize with others from the grade that they don’t normally talk to on the daily basis.  

 Many seniors were looking forward to this day. How exciting is it to know that the class of 2019 is staring the year off with a bang. Another senior, Jordan Moore said, “This is the year that we experience so much and do so much, and kicking it off with the rocking signing and knowing whenever I walk past it my names on it, gives me energy to move forward with the rest of the year.”  

Seniors of 2019 are ready to take on anything that comes their way. There are many more events, such as the New York trip, Senior Field Day, senior lunches, and the Senior Sunset that will take place, and the Class of 2019 is looking forward to what’s to come.