Recent News from NRCA

New Check-In System (Lobby Guard Replacement)

New Check-In System:
We have switched to a new Check-In system called Ident-a-kid. This new system will be more consistent and will make the check-in process much faster! This will provide increased security for our school and students.  Because of this increased speed, we will be asking everyone to sign-in on Chapel Day instead of giving out pre-printed visitor passes. Please plan to have your license with your every time you enter the building or you can  purchase a JiffyPass.

What is a JiffyPass?
JiffyPass is a key fob that will make the check-in process even faster! The cost is only $5. JiffyPass is only available to those that are approved “Volunteer 2” or “Volunteer 3” volunteers. You can purchase your JiffyPass from Mrs. Tilley at the front desk.