MS Soccer Victorious Over the Ravens

MS Soccer Victorious Over the Ravens

By: Ashley Humphrey, Shield Staff Writer

On August 27th, the NRCA Middle School Soccer team played their rivals, Ravenscroft School, in a victorious match. The Knights beat the Ravens 5-to-1 in an all-around team effort.

Knights came ready to play on Monday afternoon. The team had a lot more than winning on their minds. The heat was intense, and mentally it was tough to focus, but in the end, this was no problem for the Knights.

“Heat was a big factor during our game.  We had a tough time at first mentally; Monday games are tough.  After we shook off the first goal scored by them, we dialed in our focus and went to work and scored the next 5 goals,” Coach Sally Pinon said.

During the first half two goals were scored, the first by Jerrod Booden and the second by Dallas Bell with assists from Carter Burns and Grant Bologna. During the second half, Wyatt Davis, Jerrod Booden, and Josh Taylor each scored one goal. The assists were by Jonah Jurls and Jack Francis.

“It was fun to score my first goal, and I think my team is doing really well so far this season. I think we’re getting better with every practice,” Dallas Bell, sixth grade, said.

The team is full of talented players and is on the way to accomplishing a lot this season. The team has been working hard on being united on the field so every player can make an impact.

“With some hard work, focused effort, and a strong team mentality, we can accomplish a lot this year.  It is exciting to see the talent that we have and even more exciting to see them work hard to bring that talent together and represent their peers and NRCA!” Pinon said.