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Homecoming & Spirit Week

1.  Students NOT participating for the day’s theme must be in normal school dress code.
2.  All outfits should be in harmony with the philosophy of NRCA.
3.  All outfits should be modest and appropriate.
4.  No cross dressing.
5.  No shorts may be worn without tights underneath.
6.  No tights (or tight fitting pants) may be worn without shorts or skirts (girls) over the top.
7.  All shorts or skirts (girls) must be modest and appropriate.

2018 Homecoming Court

9th Grade
Riley Buckley
Elayna Davenport

10th Grade
Caroline Arbelaez
Izzy Downs

11th Grade
Skylar Buckley
Alexz Gomez

12th Grade
Graceanne Boone
Natalie Doebler
Maddie Huffman
Dawson Oliver
Kamryn Seymour