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Be a presenter at NRCA’s Career Day!

Career Day is an opportunity for our high school students to learn first hand from professionals in various career fields. We would love for you to come share your profession with our students on Tuesday, November 13 from 8:00am-9:45am.

Presenters will be assigned a high school classroom with accessibility to PowerPoint if a visual presentation is desired, although it is not required. Each classroom will have up to 20 students for each presentation. You are free to instruct the students in whatever ways seem best, sharing with them your day-to-day duties, educational requirements for your job, and career opportunities in your field. You may also have a time for Q&A, however, only allow a few minutes at the end for questions.

We are asking that you be willing to give a 30 minute presentation or be part of a panel discussion up to three times. We will contact you to verify your presentation and provide additional information about the day.

We look forward to you being a part of our Career Day!

Debbie Monahan

College Counseling Director
North Raleigh Christian Academy
919-573-7900 x.7926