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Founders Day Celebration & Concert – Aug. 25

FUNDAY: 2:30-5:30 PM 

There will be many fun activities like inflatables, wall climbing, petting zoo, and pony/horse rides for the family. I cannot wait to have those delicious snow cones and some of that wonderful ice cream. Other treats may be available.  Please place this exciting afternoon on your calendars. Bring a blanket, lounge chairs, or whatever will make you comfortable. Spend the afternoon!  


CONCERT: 6:00-8:30 PM 

New this year to Founder’s Day is a Christian concert with two groups, The Hall Sisters and Jamison Band with Jamie Strain.  Who are they?  HALL SISTERS: From right here in Garner, NC, the Hall Sisters have a blend of Christian and country pop.  They have sung at the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Their sound has been described as a combination of the earthy vibe of Lady Antebellum and soulful harmony of the Carpenters blended with the energy of country pop (the hall  JAMISON BAND: Jamison Strain is a dynamic worship leader and songwriter based in Houston, Texas. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Jamison developed a desire to lead people to Jesus at a young age.  His heart is for people to experience the fullness of God in their lives, responding to the greatness of who He is and what He has done.  He released his first album in 2010, The Journey.  In 2013, he released his first single, “Let Me Soar”, featuring Grammy-nominated artist and producer Sarah Kelly.  He has opened for the Newsboys and shared the stage with groups like Shane & Shane, Jamie Grace, Wayne Kerr, Avalon, Pocketful of Rocks and DecembeRadio.  Plan to attend both events.  Come to the Funday, have supper, and return for the Concert.  What a great tradition!

The Hall Sisters
Visit their website to learn more.

Jamie Strain
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