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His Radio Teacher of the Month – Paula Adams

Congratulations to our very own 6th grade teacher, Paula Adams for this special recognition.

His Radio 
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HIS Radio invites you to join us in honoring some of the hardest working, sometimes under-appreciated members of our community:  the teachers in our local Christian Schools.  They go out of their way to invest time, finances, prayer, and personal attention into the lives of our little ones….seeds for a strong Christian life in the future!

PAULA ADAMS  of  North Raleigh Christian Academy (with presenter, Scott Watson of HIS Radio)

Paula teaches 6th Grade classes.  Here’s what some parents had to say:

  • “Precious, encouraging, compassionate, Christlike, prayer warrior…”
  • “She is such an encourager to both students and parents…”
  •  “She is filled with such a godly wisdom and has encouraged me as a parent to see how God can work through tough situations for His good. “
  •  “I am so thankful that when my daughter goes to school each day, that she is in the hands of such a godly, compassionate woman! She is such a wonderful model of God’s love for all the children she teaches.”