Recent News from NRCA

Record-Breaking Year for Valograms

In a four-hour span, the senior class delivered 2,600 Valograms to students and staff at NRCA. This is a 63 percent increase in Valograms from last year and a record high according to the organizer’s records.

The seniors traveled in homeroom groups. Each homeroom representative and their assistant transported the candy and flowers to the classrooms for delivery. The rest of the seniors in each homeroom group sang songs and did much to make each student feel special. The day went smoothly, with deliveries ahead of schedule and plenty of love filling the halls and classrooms.

“Singing to the kids was so fun….Valograms really helped bond our grade together; it was a really entertaining experience seeing everyone dress up and participate, and I think that’s why we were able to finish delivering all the Valograms [quickly] and have fun doing so,” Student Council President Brittany Hayward said.

Senior teachers and staff organized the event. “The effort of many hands made the machine run well. All the staff that worked behind the scenes made us successful,” senior English teacher Suzanne Canady said.

All profits from Valograms go to the seniors’ Europe trip in the spring.

By: Rachel Weyne, Shield Co-Editor-in-Chief