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Kindergarten Celebrates 100 Days of School

The kindergarten classes celebrated the 100th day of school on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

The students anticipated this day all year. They got to wear 100 things of their choice on their clothes. From a rainbow and unicorn made out of 100 cotton balls to 100 jewels on the brightly colored t-shirts, decorations covered a wide variety of materials and designs.

“Since the beginning of the school year we have been counting down each day on our bulletin board. The kids circle how many days of school we have had. This helps them to learn their numbers and gets them excited for today because we are finally celebrating!” said Mrs. Julie Gardner, one of the kindergarten teachers.

The 100th day of school was an activity-based day for the students. Parents helped in the classrooms to give a hands-on experience that not only was fun but also educational. The kindergarteners had to find 100 Hershey’s Kisses around the room, write a story about life 100 years from now, guess how high a stack of 100 cups would be, make crowns and necklaces, and color.

“I’m really excited about the 100th day because we get to play lots of games,” Kendall McTaggart said.

The celebration gave students the chance to be creative and practice counting to 100 over and over again.

By: Ashley Humphrey, Staff Writer