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ACSI Spelling Bee Success

Thirty-two students from NRCA’s elementary and middle school divisions competed in the ASCI District Spelling Bee at Grace Christian School on Friday, February 9.

In the elementary division, first-grader David Squirewell received first place. In second grade, Owen Keller took first, Luke Christner took second and Bennett Collum placed fourth. In third grade, Peyton Mason took second and Addison Garnett placed fourth.

In the middle school division, sixth-grader Lynn Kim took second place and seventh-grader Ava Kate Wall placed second.

For the final fifth-grade through eighth-grade spelling bee, seventh-grader Ava Kate Wall placed third, and sixth-grader Lynn Kim placed fourth. They are headed to Atlanta, Georgia, on March 17 for the ACSI Regional Spelling Bee.